What is the best time to go to the backwaters of Kerala?


What is the best time to go to the backwaters of Kerala?

Backwaters are a chain of connected lagoons or small portions of some lake that leads to sea water.Kerala is the most popular tourist destination for backwaters in southern India. Hence the best time to visit backwaters depends upon the weather system in Kerala. Kerala weather system neither has high temperature nor too lower temperature. Most of the revenue earning comes from backwater tourism and climate change has a major involvement in the backwater tourism industry. The Kerala backwater packages make all the necessary arrangements for transportation, food and accommodation etc. The Houseboat cruises are convenient on full day basis during season time and hourly basis in off-season time. According to Kerala weather forecasting the backwater tourism season categorized to monsoon, summer and winter.

The summer season starts from March to May which remarks the end of freezy climate in Kerala. The temperature increases slightly with a greater level of hot and humidity.During the summer season, the temperature varies from 28°C-32°C. from the month of June to September . During these time the bookings for houseboats get started because this is the peak time where days are mostly humid and hot and the evenings are little cooler and breezy. Please make sure to carry cool cotton clothes and sunscreen lotions along to avoid inflammations from the sun. This is noted as the best time to enjoy your vacation at your favorite backwater tourism destination. Alleppy and Kumarakom backwater destinations are mostly crowded during this season.

The monsoon season started from the months of June to August. The temperature varies from 26°C-30°C. If you are going during monsoon season please remember to carry raincoat or umbrella because we can’t predict when the heavy rain is going to happen. Sometimes heavy rain affects the tourism but people who love rainy evenings will enjoy the freshened greeny land that makes the nature more attractive. The Kovalam backwater tourism is the most suitable destination for enjoying your vacation during the rainy season.

September to March noted the winter season of Kerala. The temperature varies from 27°C-32°C in the winter season. The cold breezes in the evenings make your day.The climate would be pleasant and mild through the winter season. This is the major time for all tourism-related activities in Kerala and people crowd the place to enjoy the day-nights in backwaters. The days are ideal for backwater excursions.The top Kerala winter backwaters destinations are Kollam, Kasargod and others.


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